Festival de Cannes 2012: Interview with Marie, Writer and Movie Editor


The Cannes Film Festival is a special place for all the people working in the moviemaking industry. This is what Marie told us when she dropped by our booth this week. She took the time to answer our questions about working in the movie industry, as well as being in Cannes during the Festival.

Last name : Gautier
First name : Marie
Profession : Writer and Editor

Can you please tell us what is your job ?
I am a writer and a film editor : I write screenplays, and I also spend some time editing movies, mostly on Adobe Premiere Pro.

Why are you here at the Cannes FIlm Festival ?
I came especially for the Amercian FIlm Festival part of the programme (the Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas), but I’m also here as I’m currently looking for funds for my next movie.

Is it your first time here at the Festival ?
No, it’s actually the 10th time I’m coming here !

Do you have anything special to tell us about your experience of the Festival ?
I’m a big fan of Tim Burton, and I was lucky enough to come accross him in a hotel, and he let me take a picture with him ! I also have a kind of habit when I’m here in Cannes for the Festival : every year, towards the end of the week, me and my friends go to gamble in the Casino just next to the Palais des Festivals, and the one who gets the most money out of the evening has to pay for ice creams for all the others !

What does a typical Festival day look like ?
You need to be up and ready at 9 in the morning if you don’t want to miss the first screening of the day. Then, I usually see around 8 movies every day, and I end the day with a party on the beach. You don’t sleep a lot in Cannes : you go to bed around 3AM and you have to wake up at 7AM !

Did you have the opportunity to see movies so far ? Which ones ?
Yes, I’ve been able to ses something like 10 movies so far. These were mostly films du marché (movies that you can see in the Marché du film) as Red Lights, Le Guêteur , Tall Man, Dead Mine, or Sadako 3D.

Trailer for the movie Red Lights, directed by Rodrigo Cortés

Did you hear about the Lomokino?
Yes, I was there at the launch party in Paris last November !

What does the Festival bring you, on a personnal and on a professionnal level ?
On the professionnal level, I can grow my network, meet new people like American or Japanese producers, that you can only meet once a year here in Cannes. On a personnal level, I’d say that you constantly have ordinary encounters with incredible people. On a more personal note, the Festival is definitely like a breath of fresh air, it’s like being in another place that I can call home, for 2 weeks. It also helps you to stay humble, all things considered.


We’d like to thank Marie for her time, and we wish her the best of luck for all her future projects !

Keep an eye on the Magazine to read other interviews of people who work in the movie industry that we’ll meet on our booth in Cannes !


2012 Cannes Film Festival
from may 16th to 27th

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