Kodak T-Max 400: A Fun Friend and a Savior!

2012-05-24 1

It’s black, It’s white, fast enough with it’s ISO 400 and it gets on our pocket forever. It shows smooth ambience images, not much grain, pretty nice contrasts and I start to think that I’m building a strong relation with this my new friend.

I never had tried a B&W 35mm film before and that was one of my Lomo-goals. Actually, I didn’t review black and white 35mm films before I bought Kodak T-Max 400. I saw the chance to buy it from a friend of mine and he sent me two films. Now, I know I should have bought more films of that.

Although I didn’t review it I thought that it could be a grainy-grainy film; after all,it’s ISO 400. Well, that’s what really surprised me first. We can see some grain, true, but not a lot as I’ve already seen in other monochrome films. Of course, in low light I expected more grain.

Another strength sign is it’s speed. T-Max has the abbility to make movement more intense, dramatic or magical.

Lastly, I would say that you should always have a T-Max with you. Instead of feeling frustrated with that dull, cloudy or foggy day, you should put a monochrome film on your camera and start smiling. It’s a great way and solution to take photos full of soul. By the way, it saved me in cloudy Paris when I was there on vacations. I had some expectations about taking slide film photos in this beautiful city but I was disappointed with cloudy days. It saved me, and it can save you!

The T-Max is my friend but should be yours too.

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    Those gargoyles pictures are awesome. I wish my city had them on buildings.

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