Kanoelani Park


Ever want to feel like a little kid again? Kanoelani Elementary School is next to a large public park that has jungle gyms, a track field, and grass as far as the eye can see.

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I live close to an elementary school called Kanoelani Elementary. Before I was old enough to drive and really get around the island, I would end up just playing around the park next to the elementary school, with my friends. It’s an exceptionally large park that wraps around the neighborhood, complete with everything you would need to play as a kid again.

My favorite is the jungle gym, which has two slides, monkey bars, pull up bars, a bridge, and lots of steps to run up and down in, and maybe to play some tag.

Since we’re in Hawaii, we’ve got amazing weather everyday of the year. That makes for perfect playtime fun! At the park, there are lovely flower bushes planted around the perimeter. This is not your typical land of just boring grass, that’s for sure.

Credits: dearjme

Being at a park brings back memories from long gone childhood moments. It’s really great to run around Kanoelani Park and have photo shoots. There’s just something about returning to places like this park that brings out your inner child. Another great thing about a park is that the wide expanse of space is perfect for getting away from the business of the day. The park is never really crowded and so we can jump around without feeling too silly.

Here, the sun and clouds seamlessly mesh together to become a piece of childhood paradise.

Credits: dearjme

So hop on one of the benches, sit back and relax at Kanoelani Park.

Credits: dearjme

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