Analogue Weekends: My Analog Experience in Alfonso


Never realized that I had my little own analog haven until I was all grown up! Read on about my analog weekends in our province.

If you grew up in a big city, it’s hard to imagine living day to day without any of the technologies and gadgets that makes our lives easier. From the smart phones with tons of apps to e-readers which can store books to keep you reading for months, everything is fast, in reach and instant. But once in a while, it’s nice to unplug and get away from all the digital stress that’s in our lives. I’ve found an analogue haven in our province in Alfonso, Cavite.

Home sweet home.

Our family used to go there every weekend when I was still a small kid, primarily because my grandmother lived there. Fast forward several years later, the weekend trips became less and less because of school and work. It was only lately that I appreciated the place when I revisited it once again.

No internet, no cell reception and no cable TV, so what is there to do? Luckily, we found some other ways to entertain ourselves, here’s some of them.

Make your own home-cooked meal. None of that instant powdery stuff that’s full of chemicals. Home cooked meals are the best! Sometimes, we even like to eat “boodle fight" style. It’s where you put all your food on banana leaves and everybody eats with their hands.

Eating in the garden ala “boodle fight” style

Go play outside! Nothing beats going out in the sun and enjoying each other’s company.

Playtime with family

Appreciate nature in all its glory. Since when do you get the chance to breathe clean air in the city?

So whenever the stress of city life is getting to me, I make sure that I go back to this place for some analog living.

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