No Filters: A Look at One Photographer's Life Beyond Analogue

2012-05-24 1

When finding subjects to choose, Andrea Dumovich is no stranger to light, color and capturing the moment. As she tours around her local haunts in San Francisco and Orange County, Andrea snaps surprising shots of summer, double and triple exposed to the point where she calls “the weirder, the better.”

As a self-proclaimed tourist in her own city, she can always be found with several cameras at arm’s length, ready to shoot anything inspiring. Her most recent adventure is somewhere between Orange County and San Francisco.

What do you like to capture with Lomography?

“I like to capture images in my head. For example: If I take a photo of my dog (and if I remember that was the last exposure), then I try to think about what I like associated with his furry face, like the ocean or flowers or anything beautiful and basic. But, half the time I don’t remember what was the last photo I took. So it’s all a visual scramble. It’s nice to find a space, such as lomography, where I can blend the nice things that I like into one portrait.”

Is it different than what you capture with, say, a digital camera or Instagram?

“When I use my Holga it is always different than digital and Instagram. Sure, with digital you can alter an image to look like the lomography style. But, when I am taking a photo with my Holga, I feel like I try even less to get a ‘good’ image—one that is creative and framed well. Instead, I think about the subject matter only, rather than how the end product will be. Because with lomography, you never know the outcome, and that’s the beauty. “

Describe your aesthetic.

“It’s hard to say with Lomography because Holga does half the work with blending the images I choose to portray. But I guess I enjoy a mishmash of vibrant/pleasant colors alongside words that are significant to me. Lighting is also important. I really like creating a light-leak across an image or placing two really different subjects over one another. I have a somewhat split personality with my aesthetic. I am always thinking, “the weirder the better” when I search for images, but I also really enjoy simplistic beauty like coastal scenes or flowers.”

Analogue photography infers more than just photography, it’s a lifestyle pertaining to all things “old-fashioned,” straying away from the digital, technology-driven world. How do you keep that philosophy in other parts of your life?

“It’s so easy to forget the present moment and fall into the depths of the internet—including tumblr and lifestyle blogs. I keep that philosophy alive by constantly going back to basic ways of observing the world around me. I know that slowing down is the new trend these days, but it works. If you take the time to make something yourself or go for a hike then it helps clear your mind and get away from the hectic tech world. Analogue users keep photography alive because they understand that the “old-fashioned” way had it right all along.”

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    "Because with lomography, you never know the outcome, and that’s the beauty." YES!!!! totally agree

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