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We’ve talked about the custom Diana F+ cameras made by local San Francisco artists… Now let’s have a glimpse at the photographs submitted for the Vignettes for Charity exhibition at our San Francisco Gallery Store. Some talented photographers of all backgrounds are giving viewers a glimpse into life in the city… Check them out below!

About the Diana Vignettes Photographers

Christina Zona gets it. Few San Franciscans are more in touch with the Lomographers of the Bay Area than Ms. Zona. As a professional photographer, analogue junkie, and having the tenacious attitude that only a New Jerseyite could possess – Zona is the founder of the San Francisco Toy Camera Group and overall lover of life.

“Ocean Beach; one of San Francisco’s most underrated areas. Probably because of the fog and lack of sun, but catch this place on a nice day and you will see plenty of characters. From the crazy fisherman perched up on the rocks to the desperate sun bathers on the beach. You can stroll the ruins of the Sutro Baths, glance into the ocean through the giant camera obscura or enjoy an awesome meal at the Cliff House Restaurant. This area isn’t your typical sandy getaway full of hot blondes and buff bodies, instead it’s a gaggle of quirky people trying to make the best of a beach where the temperature barely spills over 65 degrees. And they do a damn good job.“

Laura Brunow Miner is a familiar name if you love photography, in all of its’ forms. As the founder of online magazine Pictory and the creative retreat series Phoot Camp, she is a true collaborator for the inspired. Brunow Miner is also a designer and editor… but Lomography loves her most for loving photography most of all.

“I fell in love at first sight with San Francisco.”

Doctor Popular knows how to shoot from the hip. The Doc is the city’s most notorious snap-happy character with one hand always on the shutter button. While he first discovered photography through the lens of his iPhone, he has since plunged into Lomography. Currently, he is the community manager at Postagram and most of the time, you can find him shooting away in San Francisco’s Mission District.

“When I first approached this beaming Vespa owner, she was checking herself out in the mirror and obviously pleased with what she saw. My Diana was ready to shoot, so I popped a candid and wound up the roll for my next shot. I thought I had a great shot already, but when the rider noticed me, she gave me this fantastic smirk as I popped this shot. In the following weeks, I kept seeing her riding through downtown near 6th and Market, and one day I was even able to catch her at a stoplight and hand her a print of this photo. It was worth it just to see that adorable smile once again.”

Vince Donovan can be found behind the camera shooting away and behind the bar as head mixologist at Photobooth in the Mission District – the world’s only tintype portrait studio and gallery devoted to alternate photography, including plastic camera, wet plate and Polaroid. His favorite film is 20-year expired TRI-X. And more importantly, his favorite drink is his very own version of the Sazurac, for which he has been threatened with excommunication.

“The centuries-old animosity between jays and squirrels is temporarily suspended as both turn their ire on the Lomographer in Bear Valley, CA.”

Andrew M. Dalton caught our eye with his skilled witticism and panache for street photography. As a writer and photographer in San Francisco, he reports on the news as Associate Editor of where you can feel free to leave nice comments. He thinks you are all really special. (Most of the time.)

“While reporting on of San Francisco’s biggest fire in years, I found this little girl on the scene in the Western Addition, dressed in a firefighter’s outfit. It must have been a halloween costume or something, but she stayed at the police line for hours watching some of San Francisco’s finest risk their lives battling the five-alarm blaze. She never seemed scared or sad about the whole thing — just curious. I caught her in a quizzical moment, when the sun lit up her fiery red hair despite the huge plume of smoke hanging overhead.”

Bertrand Pellegrin always knows what’s “in”. As the founder and director of b. on brand Consulting where he has consulted for the chicest of clients. His book Branding the Man: Why Men are the Next Frontier in Fashion Retail examines the evolution of the male consumer and offers a strategic branding approach to men’s retailing. He is a regular contributor to the San Francisco Chronicle where he writes about fashion and design.

“I have a fascination with the evolution of San Francisco’s mid-Market Street neighborhood. This part of the City is probably one of the last remaining pieces of old San Francisco — at least the San Francisco I remember from my youth. It is a place of memory: another time in the City’s history, populated by those who themselves have become a part of the past"

Mark Trammell has one of the most epic beards in the city. Aside from his prominent facial hair, he is a designer and researcher most recently focusing on how people understand and learn to use Twitter. He started taking photographs as a U.S. Navy journalist in the 1990s. Trammell lives, works, and wanders in San Francisco.

“I took this photo while hiking around Kirby Cove north of San Francisco and is my favorite from that day. It captures a bit of something I love about living in SF: the Bay Area’s sweeping diversity of environments. The bursts of light in the photo are rapid succession pinhole shots of the sun rising over the Oakland Hills taken from down near the cliffs. The main elements are from higher up in the headlands an hour later.”

Aaron Durand is awesome for many reasons; 1) he works down the street at Twitter, 2) he’s a Portland, OR native and 3) he takes some of the most compelling film long exposure shots we’ve seen! He’s always working for the weekend, and enjoys the not-so-pretty bits and pieces of the greater Bay Area.

This was taken during a pleasant hike on a sunny SF morning before all my hung-over friends were awake and after breakfast. The best view ever. Endless vantage points here! I think I love the image because of the effect around the edges of the film blends so nicely with the clouds in the sky. Serendipitous.

Cody Bratt is a San Francisco Bay Area based photographer. He is utilizing his Rhetoric degree from the University of California, Berkeley to study narrative and image. His photography captures the emotion contained in the strange, lost and fantastical. When not shooting Cody likes to absorb cinema, seek out the best Mexican food ever and roam the back roads of the Mojave desert.

When I heard I’d be showing an image in the Diana World Tour, I knew I wanted to use the Diana to “remix” a take on an ongoing series of mine titled Animalia Obscura. So, one late afternoon I struck out in my local neighborhood with panda head, model and Diana F+ in tow. I usually shoot these in more remote areas, so shooting this in the city was an experience. At least three or four cars honked at us and a friendly MUNI driver used his loudspeaker to point us out to children on the bus.

Evan Pyle is a local community member who loves shooting on film! He enjoys experimentation, as it allows endless creative expression. We selected him for this exhibition because we were impressed with his ability to push the Diana F+ into new realms.

“As a bay area resident, the Golden Gate Bridge is a shot you’ve seen a million times. I wanted to see how I could compare to the great photos taken there before mine. I put a different spin on the classic scene by using the “endless panorama” method to capture almost 180 degrees of that amazing view. This technique involves shooting without winding to the next frame all the way, thus keeping a few images together as one shot. It was taken on Thanksgiving; The strategy there being no planes, helicopters nor boats leaving light streaks through the shot. It was a quiet night in a bay that’s normally bustling! Some people can’t believe this was taken with a Diana, but her possibilities are limited only to your creativity”.

Credits: lomographysf

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