LomoAmigo Noah Kalina Takes Mark Zuckerberg's Official Facebook Wedding Photo


It’s a big week for Facebook as founder Mark Zuckerberg celebrates not just the stock market debut of the social networking site, but also his secret surprise marriage to college sweetheart Priscilla Chan! LomoAmigo Noah Kalina was there and he took their official wedding photographs, too! See the photo here!

New York photographer and LomoAmigo Noah Kalina, known for taking self-portraits everyday for 12 staggering years now, adds another major feather to his hat: he was the official photographer for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s wedding to long-time love Priscilla Chan.

Photo via Noah Kalina on Twitter

On May 19, 2012 in Palo Alto, California, a hundred friends of the couple were invited to a backyard party which they thought was a surprise party for Chan, a recent University of California med school graduate. It was also Zuckerberg’s birthday week and they thought Facebook’s IPO was also worth toasting for. But the surprise was on them as it turned out to be the nuptial of the college sweethearts!

Noah Kalina

Kalina was one of the lucky guests at the intimate wedding and he took the official wedding photograph posted by Zuckerberg on Facebook! Good job, Noah! Find out more about Kalina in his LomoAmigo interview, Noah Kalina Shoots with the LC-A+. We wonder if he shot the wedding with his LC-A+ too? :-)

Sources include The Washington Post and Reuters.

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