35mm Agfa Vista 400: Vintage in the Right Places!


Here’s a film I found in my house by accident: Agfa Vista 400! Read more after the jump!

Photo via Lomography Shop

Rummaging in the drawers of my father in search of valuable treasures from the analog era, I came across a film still unknown to me: the AGFA VISTA 400 35mm.

For me, Agfa has only ever been synonymous with folding cameras of 50s, but, to my amazement, it was revealed to me as a producer of great films as well!

This film is not a fine-grained one. For sure, it still speaks of 400 ISO speed (and you must also take into account that the mine was expired in June 2008), but let’s face it, lomographers love the grain, right?

I found the film on the graduation of my dear friend, who requested me to take a “bit of vintage photos.” So, what better time to use my beautiful Agfa? I immediately pushed into my trusty Zorki 4k. It was quite dark, and one afternoon, to make matters worse, the degree in question was also quite dark in a classroom.

I said “well, here goes nothing” … and I must say it’s gone!

I caught myself taking a lot of pictures. They taste really nicely vintage!

I had a chance to test it in open (but that day was a gloomy atmosphere). But Agfa has produced a pretty good film can not be intimidated at all!

Here are some pictures:

My friend was happy to have received his “photobook vintage style” and I was delighted to have discovered a beautiful film that is still functional in the low-light days!

Try it! Lomo on!

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