Getting Awesome Shots from Agfa Vista 400 ISO

I tried this film and I love it. Don’t hate me but I prefer it expired. Check out some ideas on how to use Agfa Vista 400 after the jump!

First thing you should know, is that I shoot with a rangefinder camera and these shots are the result of one session with it.

Second is that I exposed normally, as a 400 ISO film and it turned out awesome. I think it’s pretty close to the pictures you get from shooting with a non-expired film.

Third thing – I love this film. It’s great for night shots and does a great job if shooting in dim conditions. I think it will work great if put in a Lomo camera. Personally, I didn’t tried with one yet. Will do soon.
This film also work outside. Great thing about it , is that nice xpro look that you will get from using this film, those nice saturated colors and the advantage of an expired color negative film. I know that I was very impressed when I saw the results.

On the other hand, if you decide to use the normal version, I would suggest trying some long exposure shots.

This film works great in low light. Also, do some portraits with it too. You will be very impressed to see the difference between this film and other 400 ISO color negative film.

More or less, I’d love to hear your opinion about this.

The AgfaPhoto Vista 400 35mm delivers bright, bold, contrasty colours every single time. And with a speed of 400 ISO, you can count on this film to capture your subjects in action or in low light. See the whole range of colour negatives in our Shop.

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