Time for fun as School’s Out in June

2012-05-21 1

School’s out! Leave your textbooks behind and join in the jolly here at Lomography Gallery Store Singapore. You don’t need to be a student to participate… Everyone is welcome!

Credits: opal

“Emerge from The Shadows” Silhouette Diana F+ Workshop
Sun, 3rd Jun 12 @ 3-5pm
Shadows, as we know it, are dark and maybe gloomy. In this workshop, we’ll be showing you how to take double exposures to an interesting new level, and making shadows and silhouettes work for you to produce amazing, one-of-a-kind lomographs.

Credits: arurin

“Be A Magazine Star” La Sardina Workshop
Sun, 10th Jun 12 @ 3-5pm
Everybody wants to be a star this holiday! Ever wanted to be on a two-page magazine spread? At this workshop, you will be your own editor and model for your own magazine. With the power of multiple exposures, we’ll get you there!

Credits: nadinadu

“Color by Numbers” LomoKino Workshop *
Sun, 17th Jun 12 @ 3-5pm
It’s time for some stop motion fun! Let’s reminisce the good and fun times we used to have during Arts & Crafts class; setting those crayons wild on drawing blocks. Create your very own movie by making your artwork transform as the colors fill in the empty spaces!

Credits: meerly

“Opposite Sides of Me” LC-A+ Workshop
Sun, 24th Jun 12 @ 3-5pm
Silent and shy in school but fun and outgoing outside of it: we tend not to show our true selves when we’re in school and when we’re out of school. With the Splitzer on the LC-A+, unleash your two different personalities in one photograph; one when you’re in school uniform and the other when you’re not! Come in pairs for this one!

Please RSVP for workshops as space are extremely limited.
Email your name, contact and the workshop title to shopsingapore@lomography.com

*All workshops include a loaner camera and a roll of film. Bring your own camera to use during the workshops and get 50% off the admission fee. All attendees will receive a 10% off coupon to use at the Lomography Gallery Store Singapore. Please arrive 10 minutes before the workshop is scheduled to begin in order for us to start on time!

Monday – Sunday: 12pm – 9pm I tel. +65 6223 8850
shopsingapore@lomography.com I www.lomography.sg I fb.com/LomographyGalleryStore.SG

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