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It’s definitely not everyday when we get this much reaction for a Locations post (care to share why?); making this choice for Locations Feature of the Week easy peasy. With dreamy images and a short but sweet article, check out our chosen article after the jump!

A fun location made to look even fun-ner through lawypop's whimsical photographs, these definitely made his article an eye-catching delight.

Photo by lawypop

While the greater majority of you guys have already seen and taken a ride on ferris wheels, spinning teacups, and rollercoasters, what makes lawypop's featured location still interesting is the way he photographed a seemingly ordinary day at one of the more popular amusement parks in the world. Opting to take more photos than partaking in the rides, lawypop was definitely able to get a lot of great shots.

“Even if you are not a fan of taking thrill rides, the opportunity to go to one of the biggest amusement parks in the planet will definitely excite you. So, get ready with your favorite Lomo firearms to conquer this colorful and fun-filled land!” – lawypop

Photo by lawypop

“Luna Park was named after the legendary Luna Park of Coney Island’s past, which still packs a lot of exciting and colorful rides for both the young and the young at heart.” – lawypop

Photo by lawypop

So you see, it doesn’t take a super exotic place nor an extremely lengthy article to become Locations Feature of the Week, it’s really more about how you present your story…gorgeous photos + a story that we could all relate to = a fun, lomographic ride to one location that certainly shouldn’t be missed!

Are you interested in being the next Article of the Week for Locations? Then start submitting your locations features now! Don’t forget this month’s requested posts for extra piggy points!

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    @ungrumpy : thank so much! im glad u guys enjoy my article :)

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