My Favorite Food: the One Prepared by Students!


If I had to choose which food I tasted with more joy in my city, as a teacher, I have no doubt: it is the one prepared with love by our students!

Every year, in the month of May, the city of Como hosts a “Creativity Day”, a public event in which high school students show in the street, and in the squares, their artworks. You can see miniature models, concerts, dances, gymnastic, drawings, photographs and…lots of cakes, sweets, and foods prepared by students! As a teacher, this is a great day for me! I love to see the various artworks of the students of my city, in a unique event which conveys the joy of living and happiness to all!

A student dressed up as an apple!
A charity sale of apples and apple pies!
An ancient Grecian-style symposium with food and drinks for all!
Details of a wonderful table setting with bread, bread sticks, and cookies for everyone!
Other cakes being sold for charity!
A joyful event for all!

All these “peppered” with beautiful costumes, great smiles, and a large amount of joy which spread throughout the city center!

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