The Stories within Pictures #6: The Mystery of Acute Conjunctivitis


In the last few weeks, I experienced some unhealthy days, panicking about my good eyesight, having terribly itching feeling in my eyes and trying not to scratch them day and night. As a lomographer and a person who can barely survive without good eyes, it was a little disaster for me, especially when I woke up with red eyes and tears falling down on my cheeks without the actual intention of crying.

It was such a wonderful and sunny morning and I woke up with my eyes red and watery, as if I was crying from the dream. Another morning and the same happened. A mystery or an allergy, I first thought. Then, the unbearable itching feeling and tired eyes were with me for the whole day. The next day, I went out with my boyfriend, me, my camera, and the red eyes. Everybody was looking at him with disapproval in their eyes. “He made her cry. A bad, bad boyfriend he is,” they perhaps thought. But the right answer was: conjunctivitis.

Photos by erikagrendel

There are thousands of far worse illnesses then conjunctivitis but imagine that you can hardly look into the viewfinder; that your eyes are getting tired very easily and that you look like you were crying all day and night. Although, it has been really unbearable, there is one thing I enjoy while fighting with conjunctivitis. I started to call it a pinhole-vision or a blurred-photo vision.

Since I bought my Diana F+ just few months ago, I’m still experimenting and learning all the great ways this miracle camera can be used. And when I went through some of my first Diana photos, I found many which could describe how I’ve seen the world in the last couple of weeks. Blurry, unfocused, vignettes, creamy, or milky-like. So, did my camera suffer as well from conjunctivitis, shortly after I bought her? Who knows, but I hope that I will get better as soon as she did.

So please, my dear lomo-friends, keep your eyes healthy!

Photo and words by Erika Grendelova. Originally from Slovakia, Erika now lives in the Czech Republic and travels a lot to UK and Finland. Read more articles from her series here.

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