Siglap: A Quaint Food District in Singapore


This food paradise is not just a haven for foodies but for people or professionals wanting a place to chill out or just have an off-site meeting to brainstorm for their next big thing.

Back when I was just a young lad, the place to go to for the best waffles in town was Café Cartel in Singapore’s Siglap district, which was a two-hour bus journey from my home.

But this foodie heaven is also known for other delectable delights, here you can also find your McDonald’s and your Starbucks.

But you can also find other unique local delights there as well. I would say that Siglap has much to offer the foodie.

While you can find the same food chains here at Siglap, it is the relaxing atmosphere that sets the ambiance for your dining experience.

Siglap Centre is usually a meeting point for people unfamiliar with the district.

However, as Siglap is not located along the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) service routes, getting there by public transport means catching connecting buses from the closest MRT station. Alternatively, it could be a long bus ride from town. Even so, there are still lots to see along the way.

Yet, Siglap is not just about food, if you wander along the stretch of road, you can find interesting buildings to look at and photograph.

The housing estate opposite Siglap Centre is a good lesson in history for the younger generation. There are still some old flats that will bring back nostalgic memories for folks in their 60’s.

What’s more, some of the shops located at the blocks are a blast from the past; they really give the visitor a glimpse of what life was like in the past. In fact, when I wandered into a photography shop, the shopkeeper said he has been there for over 30 years; the only thing that has changed is that he has diversified his business and became a sundries shop. While he still sells a limited amount of film, he no longer develops them.

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