Ilford FP4+: For Me, Ilford's Best

2012-06-04 1

Ilford makes some of the very best black and white films. As I am a huge fan of 100 ISO film. I use Ilford FP4+ often and for me, it is the company’s best film and one that you should all definitely try out. It works great in any camera, and when combined with great Russian lenses, produces fantastic images.

Most of you are aware that I love black and white film. I shoot mainly lucky SHD 100 (I reviewed it here) but occasionally, I will treat myself to something different—usually, a roll of Ilford FP4+, simply because it is fantastic.

The film is ISO 100, which is my favourite speed, and the film produces very little grain, whether you shoot it in a Vivitar UWS, a Smena, an LC-A, a Zenit or a Leica. It will give you fantastic results, with great contrast and lovely tones, especially the midtones. I love the amazing details.

I think the film is a fantastic combo for any Russian lens particularly the Smena’s lens, although I am biased.

Here are results I got using a Cosmic 35 (Smena 8):

As you can see they are sharp, crisp, and full of lovely tones of grey, and also full of detail.

Next are some images shot in a Zenit E, with a variety of different lenses:

Again tac sharp, lovely details and amazing tones, it works brilliantly with the Helios 44-2.

I developed all the images above in Rodinal 1:150 stand developed, a method I have written a tipster on, and I think it gives the film a very nice even development and compliments the film fantastically.

To be honest, there isn’t much else to say except, PICK SOME UP. It’s a great film and one that will reward you for your hard and not so hard work. It’s very reliable and very forgiving in exposure. It’s quite expensive though if you buy multiple rolls from the Lomography Shop, it’s actually fantastic value for money. I will definitely be shooting more rolls of it and more often.

Thanks for reading, keep shooting!

Unrivalled when it comes to high quality B&W photography, the Ilford FP4 Plus is a great choice for enlargements with its fine grain, high acutance and exceptional sharpness. Check it out with the rest of our black and white film selection.

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    The film is in fact iso 125, sorry about the mistake.

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