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2012-05-31 1

A fun lomography day at one of the most magical places on Earth, Tokyo Disneyland! Call it peer pressure, but after much convincing I finally gave in and joined my colleagues on spending a day with Mickey Mouse and company at Tokyo Disneyland. To be honest, I wasn’t that interested, thinking that Disneyland was just for kids, but boy, was I dead wrong.

I don’t remember the last time I was smiling for a whole day; such a carefree feeling to be like a kid again. Never mind that you need to wait for an hour or so to enjoy a ride or to have your photo taken with Mickey Mouse at his home.

Seeing character after character roaming around the park grounds, I had this nostalgic flashback of my younger self, watching cartoons in front of the television and how much I wanted to meet them in person.

Despite the fact that the outdoor weather registered a freezing 0 degrees Celsius, from babies on strollers to few elderly people on wheelchairs – everyone was just having fun and the weather gave plenty of opportunities for couples to stroll hand in hand wearing matching Disney winter headgear.

Call me silly, but my ultimate childhood dream is to ride the biggest teacup in the whole world. So when I saw Alice’s Tea Party, I excitedly took my chance. I thought it will be a slow-paced ride since everyone on the line with me were mostly kids under five, but it was spinning so fast that I needed to close my eyes half of the time.

The iconic Disneyland castle is mesmerizing. It’s like a giant gate that promises a truly magical day to anyone who decides to enter. Inside the castle are Cinderella’s glass shoes and her fairytale love story. I tried the glass shoes but the size is too small.

I love both parades – the one in the afternoon and the one at night and has to be the grandest parade I have ever seen in my whole life. From Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, The Incredibles, the Toy Story cast to Pocahontas, Tigger, Peter Pan, and so many others, I couldn’t help but wave at every character passing by in front of me and if they waved back, my smile reached from ear to ear.

Spending a few minutes on-board Mark Twain’s Riverboat as it navigated Fort Sam Clemens on Tom Sawyer Island is comparable to a much-needed rest after walking around and screaming inside Space Mountain. I read somewhere that Tokyo Disneyland is the only place who still keeps Fort Clemens, Country Bear Christmas, and other Adventure Land attractions on their list, making this particular Disneyland better than its foreign counterparts.

We were at Tokyo Disneyland from the opening hours to closing. Truly a magical place like no other. On my way home, for some reason I kept on singing “Someday, my prince will come”. Disneyland hangover, indeed.

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