Holga meets Olga: Holga 135 Spotted in FHM!


She is up and coming and hot like a vodka afterburn. Olga Fonda is taking Hollywood by storm and she gets down and dirty with a toy camera. The model and actress did a shoot for the FHM Germany and she was wearing a Holga 135 and not much more. ;-)

I am a lazy but tidy magazine-reader. So I am a bit late with this story, which was published in the German FHM in February ’12, but I discovered Olga and Holga making out just five minutes ago and I wanted to share it with the LomoWorld instantly. After I watched “Real Steel” I asked myself, who is that actress with skin soft as a fluffy cushion and a glance hard as steel? It was Olga, who was brought up in Siberia/Russia, the home of so many Lomographic gems. She became a model and was discovered for Hollywood and now Lomography!

Olga Fonda featured in the February 2012 issue of German FHM

Olga also starred in the “Twilight” Saga and there are other blockbusters coming up. I reckon she fills the gap of hot and sexy that Megan Fox left recently due to her political escapades. Olga’s name is not so familiar yet but the face is. She did the whole model-craze with fashion shows and editorial shootings all over the world, but now she is heading for big acting trophies!

February 2012 issue of FHM in Germany

To kick-start her career in the filmbiz she even changed her name to a very known one. I personally love the original Tchakova in her last name much more. But maybe she is changing back one day, when Lomography endorses her with some real steel cameras from the motherland.

Holga colours, contrasts, and light leaks—now in 35mm. Get your own Holga 135 now!

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