Kodak T-Max 400: Invisible Grain

2012-06-11 1

Kodak T-Max 400 is a wonderful black and white film that can give you ultra-defined images with almost imperceptible extra fine grain!

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It seems to be the best-selling film in the world, because of the super sharpness of images and extra fine grain. It has been voted “Best Film in Europe 2008” by the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA). It was rewarded precisely for its extra-fine grain, imperceptibly, like an ISO 100 but with the speed of an ISO 400. A beautiful film versatile in all lighting conditions.

Bought it for a few dollars, I kept it in a drawer, waiting for the best time to use it. Then came the birthday of a dear friend, bonzone. So, what better occasion to use it?
I loaded it in my beloved Horizon Perfekt (the one who stole my heart). Here are some pictures:

As you can see, the grain is almost invisible, and therefore seems to be an ISO 100. Really, a nice move for Kodak. A really great film for every situation. The next step will be to try it at night with and without the flash!

Lomo on!

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  1. cloudishballon
    cloudishballon ·

    Thank you for showing me this superb B&W film :)

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