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2012-05-25 4

Selecting the winning photos from the Homeland Rumble kept Touché Collective very busy. From almost 3000 entries, 96 photos were chosen to be exposed at the ‘Analog Life’ expo at the Baztille in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. Click to find out who the winners are!

Touché Collective is a collective of 6 young creatives. This spring, they are organizing the exhibition Analog Life, which is completely devoted to analogue photography. In the Homeland Rumble they were looking for pictures of Lomographer’s homelands worldwide. Touché Collective received thousands of photos and 96 shots were chosen to win:

Credits: sophiecorto, superlighter, hervinsyah, welland, devildi, fish300, chippo, natalieerachel, badjuju, desibel, jeffr, adi_totp, dikasapi, smu, mitchelvd, noraly, lulomo, icomewhenieatcaponata, mjaa, gregoriobruning, caioantunes, maryjane, lightiswhatiwrite, sirio174, bernardocople, dakadev_pui, briannaviolettt, megustastu, cocaneonkamerasutra, yokekei, jayrbereber, hoseun, heart2heart, riotxriot, guitarleo, etta, mariaratfingers, nasih, button, kathepalacio, jmcedo, felipete3, 7samurai, ellaellaella, lomographics, -dakota-, devilfirzen, carlos_perezderozas, kangiha, gordie, nacho, annelie, laylara, lomoaceh, paappraiser, gionnired, kekskonstrukt, deprofundis, pietronellamaria, litleandi, daitita, sadmafioso, boobert, 12_12, georgebaker, kareninalovely, elliotn, fmadera, sami-san, sobetion, plyshbel, sadurtay, roberthenry & azzzy

Congratulations! Your photos will be exposed during Analog Life at the BaZtille in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands and after that for 4 more weeks at the Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam!

These winning Lomographers could also win a €100,- voucher for Lomography’s Online Shop! Saturday May 19th is Analog Life’s grand opening at the Baztille in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. A jury will pick the best photo from the complete exhibition and the winner gets to spend €100,- in the Lomography Online Shop.

The exhibition Analog Life, is open for visitors from may 19th till june 3rd 2012 at the Baztille in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. Opening hours are Thursdays to Saturdays from 1 pm to 6pm. Entrance is free.

Update March 21 2012
The winner of the €100 voucher for the Lomography Online shop is Dutch Lomographer Lies de Rooij. She created a great triptych where she tried to illustrate the atmosphere of an the old film rolls.

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    Yippie, my photo at the 3rd =D

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    Danke! :)

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    lomoaceh ·

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