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This week’s camera review on the spotlight tells about one of the most sought after Soviet TLR cameras, which our lomographer believes is underrated and lesser known compared to its big brother. Find out which camera it is after the jump!

Many of us lomographers seek to include almost every camera type out there to complete our collection of analogue beauties. At least one Twin-Lens Reflex (TLR) would be a great addition to every lomographer’s collection, and brandkow93 suggests getting the Lubitel 2, the big brother of Lomography’s Lubitel 166+.

Our featured lomographer, who mentioned his interest in Soviet cameras early in his review, luckily spotted a Lubitel 2 in fantastic condition, with the original Lomo case! Looks like he had a great time shooting with this manual TLR camera, as we can see in some of his monochrome snaps below:

Don’t forget to check out brandkow93’s full review for more of his photos and insights on this camera!

Congratulations, brandkow93, for penning this week’s featured camera review! Some lovely classic TLR camera you have there, and we hope you’ll keep sharing more wow-worthy photos that you took with it!

The next snapshooter who will bag the next Camera Review of the Week distinction could be you! Submit your camera review and wow us with your beautiful photos and helpful insights. In case yours isn’t on the list, feel free to let me know!

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