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2012-05-20 2

This week’s featured Analogue Lifestyle article is “The 7 Analogue Changes in My Life” by walasiteodito from the Philippines. The graphic designer muses on the things that have shifted in his life since he entered the Lomographic world. Read about it here.

Credits: walasiteodito

“Being patient is one of the first changes I developed in converting to analogue. There are instances that I think I have to wait for the right moment to get the perfect shot. I think of shooting as a one chance opportunity, a chance to preserve that tiny slice of second that will only happen once.”

Read more from The 7 Analogue Changes in My Life by walasiteodito.

We picked this article because we believe that shooting analogue is a perspective-changing way of life and, as walasiteodito writes, the changes seem to be for the better! From patience to practicality, to networking and observing more, Lomography gives us room to grow and learn. :-)

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