Kepong Metropolitan Park, Kuala Lumpur


Kepong Metropolitan Park, a paradise for all Kite Enthusiast, and lomographers I say.

The Kepong Metropolitan Park, often referred as the Kite Enthusiast Paradise is located in Kuala Lumpur, some 0.2 kilometre away from the 28 Middle Ring Road Two (MRR2).

Well, it is called the Kite Enthusiast Paradise but it is not only for the kite enthusiast. It is a park for all. You can also go for jogging, fishing, cycling, having a picnic, sight seeing etc etc. There’s a huge man made lake (it’s really huge believe me) in the park and it’s gorgeous. There is also a viewing tower, which is four-storey high located in the middle of the park. The view of the park from the top of the viewing tower is amazing. Parents can bring their kids to the children playground for some fun too. =D

If you’re exhausted, place a mat on the field and have a picnic there. Besides that, you can indulge yourself with ice-cream sold by the ice-cream men on bikes. There are stalls selling some snacks in the park too.

Do not have a kite? or do not know how to fly a kite? Don’t worry, you may purchase a kite, from tiny to huge, plain to colorful in the park. and guess what? Who knows you may get a mentor on kite flying in the park?

Oh, did I mention that this park is a great spot for lomographers to snap beautiful pictures? =D

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