Monochrome Madness: Delicious Detail

When you remove colour from the equation, what seems like a dull subject can become equally pleasing to the eye. Try simplifying your subjects when shooting black and white.

This continual diagonal pattern is broken nicely by the leaf in the bottom left.

I don’t normally submit articles or tipsters about composition, or art techniques but this I feel strongly about. Your mind is very good at filtering out what is deems unnecessary information, without this ability life’s constant flood of information would be overwhelming. It does this by hunting for what it recognizes. One of the reasons I shoot monochrome is that I believe that taking colour out of an image takes away a strong visual clue from the mind when it translates the image.

Credits: adam_g2000

The natural effect of this is your mind starts to open and focus on the image in it’s entirety. This allows you to enjoy texture and feel differently about what it views. The photos I’ve attached are some of my favorite shots.

Credits: adam_g2000

You’ll see most of my shots of these type are perfectly focussed, sharp images shot with my Praktica LTL, Canon EOS or Nikon F80 (all film SLRs), but I don’t think they have to be, it can be fun to experiment and throw off focus to see you can distract the mind even more.

Many of your wonderful homes are full of shots of people and busy daily life. I highly recommend you grab a roll of black and white and look for something else in your next shoot, take a step back and look for beauty in pattern, texture and simplicity. You may just love it!

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