Turkey's First LomoAmigo Dilara Shoots with Sprocket Rocket


Dilara Sakpınar who we know from the band 123, visited us at Galata in Gallery Store to be our first LomoAmigo. Dilara has already shot with Lomography Cameras, and we give her a Sprocket Rocket as a gift. We will see the results soon.

Name: Dilara Sakpınar
Country: Turkey
Occupation: Musician
Website: www.123theband.com

What can you tell us about yourself?
I am a musician. I sing and play piano and I really enjoy it. I love hanging around, meeting new people and traveling in other countries. We as 123 have been together since 2009, the band started in 2004. My life is music and art.

Have you ever used an analogue camera?
Yes, I shoot with Diana Mini and I have some good pictures. Berke has Oktomat and I really like his octal photos, so sometimes I borrow from him to shoot some photos. I’m not much into techniques, I just shoot because I like. Like the very 6th rule of yours (laughing). I wonder what is gonna come out of it. Analogue has a unique spirit.

Do you use other analogue things
I use notepads for example. I made them buy a record player to the studio, I really yearned for it, we collect vinyls. My keyboard in the concert is a quite old analogue one. As a band we enjoy analogue things very much.

Describe Sprocket Rocket’ı with two words?
Orange and lank

Where would like to be and what would you like to do right now?
I want to be on tour most. We had a little tour before; to Italy, two places in Germany and Norway. In Turkey we went to Ankara and couple places. I want to go to more cities but with the music we play I think it’s not very easy. It’s hard to find a place to play in Anatolia, there aren’t many places to meet our needs. You want to perform the best, it becomes harder provide the circumstances for to do it. When the conditions are not good, music is not good and that makes you sad. I really want a one month world tour.

Are you working only with 123 now?
Yes, it is the busiest now. I have another project. I have a friend in Vienna, we started a project with him called Alike Places . It goes slow via the internet, since we are far from each other.

Music industry is competitive and challenging. How do you motivate yourself for your career?
Yes sometimes motivations decrease. Especially if you are not a popular pop singer, here in Turkey it is difficult to manage. But like in any other field, if you really want to do something, you provide yourself that motive. If you keep in mind “I like it and want to do it, yes i have difficulties but nothing happens without difficulties.” , you can motive yourself.

Which pop culture icon would you like to take pictures of?
Sade and Meredith Monk

Dilara’s photos soon will be published on Magazine . If you buy a Sprocket Rocket add a packet of film to card and during the payment use voucher code"LETITALLBEGIN" which is our favorite song of 123 and get 10% discount. Voucher code is valid until May 22.

written by erayalan on 2012-05-21 #people #lomoamigos #lomoamigo #dilara-sakpinar
translated by ezgeey

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