An Escape from the City

2012-06-01 1

Despite the beautiful beaches, there is a whole forest filled with strange trees near the famous Sao Pedro de Moel. When I want to run away from the city, I usually go to the coast near the ocean, especially during the winter when everything is calmer, sometimes I’ll take a walk on the beach, other times, I just relax near the magnificent trees.

Credits: bongofury
Credits: bongofury

Throughout the coastline you can find some trees with strange shapes which we call “snake trees” or “crawling trees”.

Credits: bongofury

These snake trees are near the sea, without any protection and constantly buffered by the harsh sea winds, which did not allow them to grow vertically.

Credits: bongofury

Some of these trees can have an overall height of 10 meters and a diameter of 16.40 meters from the crown, some of them have a probable age of about 130/170 years. You can admire these magnificent trees all along the coastline .

Credits: bongofury

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