Iconic 110 Cameras: Rollei A110

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With the recent release of Lomography’s first ever black and white 110 film, we know you must be itching to try them out with some notable 110 cameras. We come to your rescue with a mini-series which features some of these classic compact shooters!

Photos via cjo and advwks

Brand: Rollei A110
Year: 1974

Why it’s iconic: It was Rollei’s response to 110’s popularity in the ‘70s, producing the "world’s smallest pocket camera" by making an even smaller version of the already little Rollei 16mm, considered the best sub-miniature camera of its time.

It’s got a metal body and only a few plastic components, a Rollei Tessar 1:2.8/23mm scale-focusing lens, an innovative exposure system (fast silicium photo diode measures light for program-controlled exposure with shutter-speed/aperture combinations from 1:2.8 – 4sec. to 1:16 – 1/400 sec), and is capable of crisp 5×7 and good 8×10s prints.

A true quality camera for a film type usually paired with cheap plastic cameras, it was initially priced at $300. Its more affordable plastic predecessor was the Rollei E110.

Availability: Discontinued

Rollei A110 sample photos via whimsicalbullshit, lomography, and kobahencom

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