Boots 200 Colour Negative Film: A Fantastic Chemist Branded Film

2012-05-21 2

A very cheap 35mm 200 speed colour negative film, gives nice tones and colours, and has nice amounts of detail. A great partner for any camera, as it can be used in mixed lighting situations.

If you live in the UK you will probably know what Boots is, if you’re not from the UK and don’t know what it is, it’s basically a chain of pharmacies, the biggest in the UK, I believe.

Anyway, Boots have and always have developed film and sold film. I have found films of my grandmother’s developed at Boots and photos of me as a child developed there, too. They sell 2 films, both are colour and 200 speed. However, these color negative and slide films are believed to be re-branded Fuji. Their films are very cheap, a roll of colour negative is about £5.00 or you can get bags of 5 rolls for £17 and the colour slide is £10 process paid. Usually, they have 3 for 2 so you can get 3 rolls of slide film for £20 including development.

I have already reviewed the Boots colour slide film, now onto the colour negative. This used to be the only film I used back when I first got into film photography and when I was shooting in colour. Now, I don’t shoot in colour anymore and after burning many rolls of this film, I think it’s time I reviewed it.

Seen as this is re-branded Fuji film this will most likely be Fuji Superia 200, which is recognised as a great film its self.

When I first got into film photography, I was looking for the cheapest film possible (on the highstreet), the cheapest I came across was bags of 5 rolls of this, Boots 200 colour negative film. To be honest, I didn’t expect much, seen as it was its own brand of film but after doing some research, I found out that it is re-branded Fuji Superia which is a good film. And on the next shelf, they were selling the film for much more.

I have used this film in many different cameras. I experienced consistent results but obviously differed due to the lens, quality, etc. I found the film very easy to use and it was fool proof, which was very good because I was a beginner and was still learning the basics.

Here are some results I got with this film.

I think that the film produces nice colours, especially when used with a camera like the Elikon 535, a camera I have reviewed and refer to as the Belarusian LC-A . The film has a nice dynamic range and can produce some very saturated images, it also has very nice detail and sharpness and very little grain.

This film is also very nice when redscaled. I found it works best redscaled when exposed at around iso 64.
Here are some redscaled images using Boots Colour negative 200 film:

I really enjoyed using this film redscaled and if your looking for some cheap film to redscale I would definitely recommend you use some of this.

Overall a very good film as you would expect from Fuji Superia 200, though I have switched to black and white this film will always remain a favourite of mine simply because it helped me learn what I know today. If your a beginner looking for some film to use I would suggest this, its very forgiving and gives fantastic results. Thanks for reading, keep shooting.

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  1. chilledvondub
    chilledvondub ·

    i used to like boots film until i started developing the film myself then i noticed the emulsion didn't hold up as well as rival films but sometimes thats what gives lomography its style

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