The UK LomoLab Can Now Process 110 Film!


The badass dudes at the UK LomoLab have been hard at work getting everything set-up for the rebirth of 110 film, and we’re pleased to say they’ve sourced the equipment, polished up their lab coats and are ready to process your baby films! Read on and get that tiny film fixed up….

The LomoLab have long been the go-to experts for all your film processing. They’ve mastered your LomoKino films, exposed your sprockets, pano-d your ramas and been total squares.

We are pleased to announce that the UK LomoLab is now able to process 110 film! Whether made by Lomography, found down the back of the sofa, or uncovered in an egyptian temple, we’re happy to process it all, whatever brand it is!

You can drop your film off in any UK Lomography Gallery Store

Lomography Gallery Store Manchester
Lomography Gallery Store Soho
Lomography Gallery Store East London

Or send it by post using our online LomoLab service, wherever you live in the UK!

Good things really do come in small packages don’t they?

written by littlemisslove on 2012-05-16 #news #lomolab #110-film #uk #processing #110 #lab #united-kingdom #cross-processing

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