Lomography Magazine Wants Your 110 Film and Camera Reviews!


Not many of us get the chance to shoot with some rare cameras and films, especially the hard-to-find-ones like 110 format. If you’re among the lucky ones who have tried snapping with a film/camera or two, Lomography Magazine wants your review!

Lomographer explorette with her teeny Pentax Auto 110, the smallest SLR camera ever!

We lomographers are always on the prowl for unique and rare cameras and films to try, among them the cartridge-based 110 films and cameras. While the compact format used to be prevalent in the last two decades or so, sadly, they’re quite hard to find these days.

However, we believe hope is not totally lost, as some lomographers and film photography enthusiasts have gotten their hands on some 110 films and cameras and written their insights about them. So, there may still be some of these analogue treasures out there waiting to be discovered! Also, Lomography has recently introduced its very own 110 film, the Orca B&W 110 film, which we know many of you are eager to try out!

So, if you have tried some interesting 110 films and/or cameras, why don’t you help us, your fellow lomographers, out and send a Review article or two to the Magazine! All published 110 film and camera reviews (which are submitted from May 22, 2012 onwards) will be awarded with extra 5 Piggy Points. We’re looking forward to your submissions!

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