Has the Sun Finally Set On Singapore’s Sunset Way?

2012-05-25 2

Five years ago, this food locale was heralded as the next up-and-coming F&B hotspot. But with the hype having fizzled away, what’s left of this much-anticipated food destination for those living around the area?

By day, this is a sleepy enclave better known for its numerous animal clinics and pet shops. In fact, this is one of the reasons why I frequent this place. My pet’s veterinarian is located here.

By night, it is one of the more popular F&B hangouts in the vicinity. Why is this so? The key attraction is that this is primarily a residential area with a small number of low-rise flats thus making the area relatively exclusive.

To maximize the limited space available, the local authorities, together with a retail consultant came up with the idea of revamping the neighborhood center by creating an al fresco dining area under the flats. The idea was to revive businesses in the area by attracting ‘young couples, middle-income households and expatriates in the community’ to visit the place. This was a new concept five years ago.

After the revamp, the neighborhood center saw the likes of restaurants such as Buttercake & Cream, Chin Huat Live Seafood, Kim’s Family Restaurant, Megumi Japanese restaurant setting up shop there. Thus, making Sunset Way an alternative food dining destination to “Holland Village”:http://www.lomography.com/magazine/locations/2012/01/01/life-in-singapores-holland-village.

Yet, even though there are new kids on the block, there are still some old-school tenants there, such as Balmoral Bakery. This is a traditional bakery, one of the few left in Singapore. And this is one of the other reasons why I patronize the area. My family has been buying pies and pastries from this shop since the 80s.

For Lomographers planning to spend a lazy weekend afternoon capturing the location’s atmosphere, you don’t have to worry about running out of film. Grace Digital Lab, a popular photo shop, is located there. They do carry a modest supply of film to keep you shooting ’til dinner time.

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