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2012-05-18 2

Since its release last year, the LomoKino has been opening doors to countless creative opportunities for many lomographers and film photographers across the globe. With that, it’s about time for us to have a dedicated Reviews on Rewind installment on Lomography’s very own astonishing analogue moviemaker!

One of the coolest things you can do with a roll of 35mm film is make a nice movie out of it. Mini movies shot using multi-lensed cameras like the SuperSampler are fun, but if you’re yearning for some more action out of your roll, then you should definitely grab a LomoKino and start shooting. Lomography’s very own gloriously analogue moviemaking camera certainly brings out the inner filmmakers in all of us—the lomographers who have gotten their hands on one tells us how and why!

LomoKino: Reinventing Amateur Filmmaking! by antoniodezner

The LomoKino is a camera you shouldn’t miss if you love photography and cinema! This camera allows you to actually film something! You decide what you want to put into moving pictures, and you’ve got no limits other than yourself!

LomoKino: Rolling! by goonies

…the LomoKino is not your average analogue videocamera because the end result is not run off the mill footage. It’s more of a retro tinged affair: a cross between cinema of the 1930s and stop-motion.

LomoKino: The SUPER 35mm Movie Camera by weechonghooi

The first thing I did, as with every Lomography product I bought, I smelled the camera. I like how the LomoKino was designed: the overall of the camera is small and easy to bring around, the view finder is really impressive as it pops up, the winder is retractable, and the analogue classical “CLICKING” sound, which is my favorite.

Reviews on Rewind is a monthly series where we feature some of the best reviews on selected films, cameras, and accessories previously published in the Magazine. If you’re on the lookout for some films or analogue gear to try, or just curious about what people have to share about their own experience, this series can be of help to you!

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  1. djramsay
    djramsay ·

    i love my lomokino

  2. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    I'm saving piggies for one so I shall read the articles later, I want to know everything about it! :))

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