40 Years Since 110 Film Was Introduced To The World

2012-05-15 5

It was in 1972 that 110 film was introduced to the world – That’s 40 years ago! Join us as we take a journey back in time and look at some of the early 110 advertisements from Kodak, the inventors of this fantastic format…

Photos via casualcameracollector on Flickr

As you might have noticed, we’ve gone a little film crazy over the past week at Lomography. Not only have we been doing a little Photo Lab research, we’ve been finding out All About 35mm and looking at some of the best photographers who shoot our beloved medium format. You may have also seen that we have also begun to learn a little more About 110 Film and Lomographers who shoot 110. This led us to the discovery that it was exactly 40 years ago when 110 was introduced to the world – To celebrate this illustrious birthday, join us in checking out this wonderful selection of 110 ads from the inventors of 110, Kodak.

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  1. veato
    veato ·

    110 film (13x17mm) as far as I know is equivalent to the digital Micro 4/3rds sensor size! I was never a fan of 110 though as the quality is fairly rubbish - although that didn't stop me from wanting a Penax Auto 110.

  2. lborba
    lborba ·

    I get the feeling you guys are setting this up for an eventual unveiling of a 110 film camera :-). Just a hunch.

  3. fabc68
    fabc68 ·

    @Iborba: it would be a great coup de théatre if they released a new instant camera instead! But no, I too believe it's going to be a new 110. Not that I'll complain, anyway :-)

  4. nerpman
    nerpman ·

    Hmm if there's going to be a new 110 camera, that also means new film..................110 hasn't been in production by anyone for years now. Although, I'm sure it wouldn't be terribly difficult to take 16mm filmstock and alter the perforations to work in 110 cartridges. Who knows what LSI has up their sleeves!

  5. george97
    george97 ·

    Oh man! i saw one of these at the car boot, i wish i got it now!!!

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