Spotted: Contax RF in a Quiksilver Ad


Here’s another fashion ad featuring an analog camera! I saw this poster during one of my recent trips abroad while shopping.

The Quiksilver brand has always been associated with sports and outdoor wear for young men and women. It’s quite fitting that they decided to include this nifty film camera in the shoot to represent the “casual lifestyle for young-minded people.”

This ad is located at a Quiksilver kiosk in Citygate Outlet Mall, Tung Chung, Hong Kong. In the poster you’ll see a model holding what looks like to be a film camera.

After doing a quick research, I found out that the camera is a Contax G2 Series Rangefinder. Here are some facts about the camera:

  • 35mm AF rangefinder camera with focal plane shutter
  • Auto loading & advance, rewinding
  • Shutter speed of 16 seconds to 1/6000
  • Mid-roll rewinding also possible
  • Can shoot single frame, continuous shooting and multiple exposure
  • Self timer
  • Runs on two 3V lithium batteries CR2

Contax Cameras UK

written by astilla on 2012-05-16 #news #contax-g2 #fashion #quiksilver #advertisement #rangefinder

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