My Visit to the Lafayette Cemetery #1, New Orleans

2012-05-25 1

Lafayette Cemetery was established in 1833, and is one of the most visited above ground cemeteries in New Orleans. It is nestled in the quaint Garden District, and is quite spooky…

Lafayette Cemetery (established in 1833), is most likely one of the spookiest places you can visit. Wandering alone through the countless crumbling brick corridors, you will wish you brought a friend with you. The land was originally part of the city of Lafayette, which was later annexed by New Orleans, and Lafayette Number 1 became the city’s first planned cemetery.

In 1853, a major outbreak of yellow fever led to the death of roughly 8,000 people in the area, leading people to leave bodies piled at the gates of the cemetery. There are at least 800 yellow death casualties buried here. There are also many Civil War veterans, prostitutes, and beloved jazz musicians.

Some of the tombs have fallen into sad disrepair, leaving nothing but a pile of bricks and roses. The stone work here is exquisite – weeping women, angels, filligreed urns, and antique wrought iron fences finish off the look of a perfect haunted cemetery.

Grab the best lunch you will ever encounter at the Commander’s Palace restaurant across the street, and then take a little trip back in time at Lafayette Cemetery Number One.

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