Escape from the City to the Lovely Town of Sale!

2012-05-24 1

I am going to make the rude (but probably accurate) assumption that almost none of you have heard of this small town (please comment below if you have or are from this town!). About a two-hour drive outside of the bustling city of Melbourne, capital of Victoria in Australia, this is a humble town with huge potential for some great photographs and great fun!

As part of my university course, I was placed at the town of Sale for two weeks so I could get to know the ins and outs of a rural hospital. However, being the keen (sometimes too keen…) lomographer that I am, I could hardly stop myself from snapping up the place around me! Having been a city boy my whole life, I was skeptical at first about going to a small country town. However, I soon found out that even the hospital was exciting! Take a look!

However that wasn’t all, the whole town was filled with interesting opportunities, everything from the market to the clock tower had a unique feel to it, something I couldn’t put my finger on, but something that was certainly different compared to the city and certainly caught my attention!

Adding to the fun, I definitely couldn’t ignore the local pub. Here, they put up a delicious chicken parmigiana (or just parma if you are a true Aussie!) and of course… lots of beer to be had by all!

Whilst the town itself is exciting, it is actually the landscape surrounding which makes it truly special. You will find yourself minutes away from a full blown dairy farm! How many of you have ever experienced the wonders of being part of a process that we all take for granted? Having a special connection with the animal which is so important to our every day life? This was a truly special experience everyone should take part of.

Yet, if you go just a little bit further out, you can get in touch with nature even more as you move onto sacred indigenous land. The indigenous population of Australia is a magical culture, having legendary stories and a simple, humble way of life we could all learn from. Not to mention the killer boomerang throwing!

After my two-week stay, my skepticism was transformed into a love for this country town. Sure the city has its perks, but it is magical to be able to step outside the grey, smoggy gloom of Melbourne and experience the fresh, simple life of Sale! I am personally inviting everyone to try this for yourself! You will not be disappointed.

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  1. ms_simone
    ms_simone ·

    I know Sale, and I've been there a couple of times too. Try and head a bit further east towards Bairnsdale next time, it's quite pretty there. Also Lakes Entrance and Paynesville. You'll enjoy taking photos of the Gippsland Lakes :)

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