Spotted: ELLE Singapore Features Lomography Camera


Something is sizzling in ELLE Singapore’s May issue! A lomography camera is the current hot topic all around! A lady simply can’t resist the temptation to touch and feel this elegant La Sardina camera that is featured in this issue.

So hot! The ever-so-famous La Sardina Belle Starr has made its presence in ELLE’s May issue. Beautiful, classic, elegant, robust, vintage, wide-angle, fashionable… you name it! There are so many words to describe this camera.

If you love film photography with a twist and with eye-popping, jaw-dropping designs, then the La Sardina Metal Edition cameras could be the perfect Lomography camera for you!

Add a touch of sophistication to your wide-angle escapades. The La Sardina Metal Editions can shoot amazingly expansive Lomographs while indulging your senses with its fine looks and classic appeal. Whether you choose Beluga in red or Czar in blue, you’ll have taste of analogue luxury with the La Sardina Metal Editions. Get them in our Shop now!

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