Filmmaker Tomokazu Yamada Shoots with the LomoKino

2012-05-16 3

Filmmaker Tomokazu Yumada has made a film for us using the LomoKino! In the film “TOKYO LIGHTS,” he expressed an identity in digital society with a street scene in Tokyo. Enjoy the film, the background, and his camera techniques with LomoKino!

Name: Tomokazu Yamada
Lives in: Tokyo, JAPAN
Website: Tomokaz Yamada

Please introduce yourself briefly. What do you do in Japan?
I’m working in Tokyo, mainly making films.

Have you ever used a Lomography camera?
I’ve used Lomo LC-Wide.

How would you describe the LomoKino in one word?
It’s fun!

This time you have made a nice film entitled “TOKYO LIGHTS,” with the LomoKino. What is the theme of the film? What kind of idea is this film based on?
I had wanted to get an idea of the identity of the digital society once again when I came across this film camera, the LomoKino. I thought it was a good opportunity. Nowadays, we can easily change every tiny part of a digital image, and we can have this feeling that we don’t know the original anymore. That makes the gap larger between “reality” and “another reality.” I thought the same can be said for the city or individuals. That is why I made this film with the street scene of Tokyo.

Actor: Juri.I
Cinematographer: Go Yasuura, Keisuke Murata
Music: Silver Light (dot tape dot remix) by [.que]
Director: Tomokazu Yamada

Did something impressive happen during the shooting? What was the thing you were especially concerned about?
In some scenes, the actor took some images with the LomoKino. I used some of them as a background in this film.

*You effectively used the techniques of multiple exposure and light leaks in some scenes of the film. Did you plan those scenes? For example, did you draw storyboards? Or was it by coincidence? *
I did draw storyboards for the actor’s shots, but not for the background shots with the technique of multiple exposure. I filmed where I instinctively thought was nice at that time. It’s the same with the light leaks. I did it very intuitively.

The music matched the film and it was memorable. What’s the title of the music?
It is “Silver Light” contained in the album, “Calm Down,” by a musician, (que). He remixed the music for this film. (silver light (dot tape dot remix) / [.que])

Do you have any helpful advice for creating a film with LomoKino? How did you put the film together?
I’m not in the position to give out an advice, but the most important thing is to enjoy. It might often happen that you can get better pictures when you enjoy shooting and shoot intuitively, than when you make plans.

What kind of film do you want to take with LomoKino next time?
I want to film a silent movie. This time I left the technical part to other people, but next time I want to develop and scan the film by myself.

Do you have any final message for those who are going to use LomoKino?
I want you to know how enjoyable it is to shoot with the LomoKino. Your point of view toward daily life may change a little.

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translated by tea-tea


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