The LOMO LC-A+ 25th Anniversary Edition


It’s finally here – The LOMO LC-A 25th Anniversary Edition camera! Grab one before it’s too late, as stocks are very limited!

The LOMO LC-A+ Anniversary Edition

Created especially to celebrate 25 years of pure analogue joy courtesy of the LOMO LC-A we are ecstatic to introduce you to the LOMO LC-A+ 25th Anniversary Edition! It’s the first ever special edition LOMO LC-A+ camera! Boasting the 25th Anniversary logo and golden detail all over its compulsively touchable textured body, this special-edition LOMO LC-A+ is neatly bundled up in its 25th Anniversary commemorative box. As a tribute to the camera’s Russian roots, we’ve created this edition with the original Russian Minitar Lens. Go get yours now! It’s a must-have collectors’ item for long-time fans and newbies alike. Numbers are limited and we won’t produce more once they are all gone!

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The Highlights!

The LOMO LC-A+ 25th Anniversary Edition produces the distinctive LOMO LC-A look that we’ve always loved; shadowy vignettes, knockout colours, punchy saturation and overall lo-fi appeal. On top we’ve thrown in a new, specially designed LOMO LC-A+ and an elegant box package!

  • Same classic, LOMO LC-A+ compact camera, but with a smart textured leather body – you won’t be able to hold back from caressing it!
  • LOMO LC-A+ 25th Year Anniversary emblem stamped on the front and at the back of the camera
  • Expect all the usual LOMO LC-A+ features including: the legendary Minitar 1 lens, multi-exposure switch and multiple accessory capabilities!
  • The package is presented in a commemorative wooden box, proudly stamped with the 25th Anniversary logo
  • Featuring the original Russian Minitar Lens

Full product details: LOMO LC-A+ Anniversary Edition
Visit microsite for full LOMO LC-A+ specification

LOMO LC-A+ Anniversary Edition Packages


Save pennies when you buy the LOMO LC-A+ Anniversary Edition as part of a package.

LOMO LC-A+ Anniversary Edition Starter Kit
LOMO LC-A+ Anniversary Edition Deluxe Package
LOMO LC-A+ Anniversary Edition Supreme Package
LOMO LC-A+ Anniversary Edition Elite Package

Accessory + Camera Packages
LOMO LC-A+ Anniversary Edition + Ringflash Go to Store.
LOMO LC-A+ Anniversary Edition + Wide-Angle Lens Go to Store.
LOMO LC-A+ Anniversary Edition & Krab Underwater Housing Go to Store.

Film + Camera Packages
LOMO LC-A+ Anniversary Edition Starter Kit + 9 rolls of film.
Choose from one of the following: Lomography X-Pro 35mm, Lomography Color Negative 400 35mm, Lomography Color Negative 800 35mm, Lomography Redscale 35mm. Go to Store.

LOMO LC-A 25th Anniversary Updates

There are lots of exciting events, competitions, parties, rumbles, and workshops happening all over the world, so don’t forget to visit the LOMO LC-A 25 Year microsite for regular updates!!

Browse the LOMO LC-A 25th Anniversary microsite

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  1. eyecon
    eyecon ·

    Looks adorable!

  2. afd_lsi
    afd_lsi ·

    What a great camera. You should release special editions more often.

  3. ndroo
    ndroo ·


    Btw ... the yellow/green model with the bottle looks familiar. Hmm ...

  4. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    if only i cud trade in my lc-a+ for that.hehe

  5. lomodirk
    lomodirk ·

    Pretty nice...How much will there be?

  6. althf
    althf ·

    Cute edition of LC-A+ ! :D

    [ndroo, I'm the girl with the bottle! Ha, you saw my pics before? :) ]

  7. ndroo
    ndroo ·

    @althf : Hahaha. Yeah in FB. Did you get this cool LCA as model fee? :P

  8. myvitaminx
    myvitaminx ·

    woweeee....expensive!!! thanks LSI!i'm not buying it!

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