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For their first task, the US CitySlickers will show us around their towns and cities, documenting their experiences in analogue and telling us stories along the way. Let’s meet creepyleal and learn more about Milwaukee!

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Now, what can I say about my city? I suppose I can start by saying that Milwaukee has been my home since I could fit in a sink. Awkward? Maybe… Moving on.

Credits: creepyleal

At a very early age, I caught onto the two things Milfolk love most: Beer and The Green Bay Packers. (The Milwaukee Brewers and piles of cheese may tie for third, but Baseball nerds have nothing on Packer fan beer guts slathered in green & gold paint in the dead of Wisconsin winter). In all actuality, Milwaukee isn’t as obsessed with cheese as everyone might think.

I could be VERY wrong, though, seeing as I have yet to get more traveling under my belt. But! Besides sports, drinking, and drinking while watching sports— Milwaukee, architecturally speaking, has undeniable charm. There are buildings here with certain structures that are one of very few left in the country. Take the Iron Block, for example. It’s, well, cast out of iron. We even have our own signature “Cream City” brick, which has become so desirable that it has created its own salvage industry. I’d recommend doing a quick search on Google if that sort of thing tickles your fancy.

Credits: creepyleal

As for me? I am a graduate of The Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design with a major in Photography. I must say, 4 years of living in a studio and eating packaged Ramen goes by with alarming speed; now that I am free of all academic responsibilities, my time here is spent much differently than before. As I work on rebuilding my portfolio in fashion photography, I tend bar at an Irish pub and 4-year-old pizzeria. (Fun little tidbit about The Irish Pub’s cracked window: Someone recently was kicked out of a limousine, and, in a disgruntled rage, threw a six-pack of beer at the window. Further proof that Milwaukee, surely, knows how to party).

Credits: creepyleal

If I’m not out slinging drinks and slaying bar dice, my time is spent with friends, family, and boyfriend Kremin (His first name is Eric, but no one really calls him that). All of these people, I’m quite lucky to say, are incredibly talented and driven. I come from a family of teachers who strive to make a difference, my friends have dedicated themselves to making fine art and building local art galleries, and manfriend could pretty much take anyone in a game of hardcourt bike polo. Our days off during warmer months are usually spent on a porch with a beer in one hand and a brat in the other. This also typically includes long bike rides throughout the city in order to hit important stops like Leon’s frozen custard, and Sil’s donuts. As for what happens during the colder months? We hibernate until the temperature hits 40 degrees. Only then can we bust out our beloved cut-off shorts once again.

Credits: creepyleal

Currently, I live on Brady street (East side)—a quaint area with many characters, it has just about everything a neighborhood needs: a bakery, Italian supermarket, feuding drug stores comically placed right across from each other, a few dozen bars, coffee shops, vintage trinkets, salons, and a tattoo parlor. Some people find it to be heaven, which I can’t blame them—the street glows gold upon sunrise, and the bird’s chirps easily creep through your open window on cool summer mornings (Well, if you live on the second floor.) There are many communities much like this all over Milwaukee—from Sherman Park, Riverwest, Bay View, to the South side; all of them have unique qualities and flavor that I plan on sharing in the near future. And as I continue to share my trials and tribulations with you, dear readers, you will also be experiencing photo shoots, art openings, bike polo tournaments, and all the weird Milwaukee stuff in between. Get pumped, y’all.

Credits: creepyleal

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