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Reminiscing about her favorite place in her homeland, the author of this week’s featured locations post has come up with a rather unique way of presenting her chosen location. Check it out after the jump!

Photo by alia-

“The Atlantic Sea plays a very important role in Portugal’s history and culture. In Minho, the pleasant weather and aged villages result in the perfect combination. The moment I return to my country, this is the city that I want to live in: Viana do Castelo.” – shares alia-

Currently residing in São Paulo, Brazil, she gives a sweet tribute to her homeland through dramatic black-and-white photographs and a short sonnet.

“A city of lovers Sea and River
Lost in time and eternal love
When they kiss reflects silver”

Photo by alia-

“Nostalgic tradition in black and white
Colored craftwork and tasty cooking
This is a little of Viana do Castelo’s sight”

Photo by alia-

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In case you’re in a bind on how you want to write about a location that’s dear to your heart, you might want to follow alia's- lead and make a sonnet of your own, who knows, you might end up being the Locations Article of the Week as well.

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