Valletta through the Eye of a Lomo LC-A


Valletta is the capital city of Malta. A city rich with art, culture, and history. A place full of life, a great touristic place. Here I present to you some images of this wonderful city taken with the inimitable “eye” of my Lomo LC-A.

Valletta is the capital of Malta. Its historical center is very small, with less than 7000 inhabitants, but it is rich with history, art, and culture. Valletta, like many historical city centers is surrounded by larger urban agglomeration often called “Greater Valletta”.

In the photo below, you can see the main street of the historical center of Valletta, a great place for walking, shopping, eating, and for shooting!

Credits: sirio174

My Lomo LC-A is great to take some “candid photos”, here you can see some performances of street artists.

Credits: sirio174

And here a “girl with the red nails” is taking a photo with a digital camera of St. John’s Co-Cathedral. The LC-A is again, a great camera to immortalize this instant! If you use a 400 ISO film in daylight the auto aperture of the camera is often narrow enough to shoot in hyperfocal mode, so if you place the focusing lever to 3 meters, you can make great street photographs!

Credits: sirio174

Do not miss a visit to the wonderful St. John’s Co-Cathedral, a masterpiece of art and architecture. Inside you can see some masterpieces of Caravaggio!

Credits: sirio174

The second important place to visit is the Conventual Church of the Knights of Malta. Another very interesting building is the “Sacra Imfermeria” (1574), who in the past, was considered as one of the best hospitals in Europe (which had the capacity to accommodate more than 900 patients).

From the upper part of the city, the landscape view is wonderful!

Credits: sirio174

Enjoy Malta!

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