Liliha: Old World Timelessness

2012-06-07 1

The town of Liliha, Hawaii is a quaint place full of old-fashioned, traditional culture. One of the oldest neighborhoods on the island of Oahu, Liliha is a great place to snap photos and capture its historic charm.

Credits: dearjme

My love lives in a dorm located in Liliha, so I’m in the town often, taking photos, as well. (Wherever I go, my camera goes too, right? I think we can all relate to that.) The roads and buildings are pretty old, as well as the residents, most of whom have been living there forever.

Sometimes I snap photos of my love and his roommates at their dorm, which is located on a small, one way back street.

The area has lots of older houses, with architecture that tends to look pretty colonial, if you ask me. But that’s part of its charm, I think. Liliha’s old-world atmosphere is quite special and stunning to see.

Sometimes, there are hints of modernity, like with some of the renovated buildings. However, there are still the bigger focuses upon maintaining the natural state of things. It’s pretty common to see stray cats relaxing on the side of the road, or even taking a rest outside of the houses.

Credits: dearjme

Liliha has lots of smaller stores run by mom-and-pop teams, like grocery shops. We always love to walk around and see how the neighborhood is bustling that day.

Lots of people commute around with bicycles, and that helps too, with the smaller streets in Liliha. It’s smart to have a bike to swerve around the town area. Liliha is also right next to the main town area of Oahu. So there’s a lot within reach of this traditional town.

Credits: dearjme

Overall, there is not much to see – no big attractions, no malls, no large eateries, but I think that’s the charm of Liliha. There’s a strong sense of tight community, made up of both old and young. Liliha is the quintessential, old-school place to be.

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