My First Doubles Experience


Perfect visual connection can be created in different locations and different times. Read about my first doubles experience after the break.

Credits: umi

I am very happy to have had an opportunity to do a doubles with ccwu.

Both deeply in love with films, we got to know each other through Lomo, resulting in such a perfect set of doubles. Both of us are Taurus, persistent about beautiful things. We are able to see each other’s world, Taipei, Taichung, through this set of film. Never would I have thought that the MX photos would turn out to be so special and meaningful.

The cameras used are our beloved LC-A +. It is very simple to do doubles, one party needs to shoot one roll of films with his favorite film and then rewind it (remember not to rewind the entire roll back into the film canister, leave a small portion of the film leader outside so that the other party can load the film). Then send the film to the doubles partner!

Credits: umi & ccwu

Doubles are special and fun, I am looking forward to my next doubles experience! If you haven’t experienced wonderful MX doubles, pick up your camera, load a roll of film and look for a doubles partner!

written by umi on 2012-05-21 #film #lifestyle #ccwu #lca #umi #first #exposure
translated by coolsigg

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