University of Hawaii at Manoa


The center of learning in Oahu, Hawaii has got to be its University, located in Manoa. The campus is beautiful, and there are many natural elements built into the area.

Credits: dearjme

The University of Hawaii at Manoa is known for being a great research center and respected school of learning in the Pacific. I am graduating from UH this month, and so my past four years here have many great memories of friends, fun, and the campus. Here are some photos I have gathered of the small little details of the campus, which I would love to share with you.

Credits: dearjme

The center of campus can be thought of as the Queen Liliuokalani Center, where students go for their registration needs, cashier needs, financial aid help, parking questions, and transcript requests. The building opens up to a circular lot.

Credits: dearjme

The various buildings on campus are all different, with different themes based on the subject intended to be taught in there. Sometimes the buildings are really grand and large, and sometimes they don’t fit into the theme of the subjects being taught inside. Like this building that seems to be Asian inspired, but actually, it houses the Physiology department.

Credits: dearjme

This one is the Biology department, with a beautiful butterfly mural in front. It’s certainly appropriate, don’t you think?

Credits: dearjme

This next building has bamboo growing in the center of the complex, a beautiful addition to the natural elements that UH incorporates into its architecture.

Credits: dearjme

Since UH Manoa is really pushing to be “green” and less fossil fuel related, there are lots of moped parking around the campus. Mopeds are really convenient for students, especially since the campus is so large.

Credits: dearjme

There are also a lot of cyclists around the campus, which is strongly encouraged for students to use when commuting around town.

Credits: dearjme

Also, because UH is so large, I constantly have to walk across campus to get to my next class. Think of it as more of an exercise for me since studying so much doesn’t allow me much time to work out.

Credits: dearjme

With such a large number of student enrollment – at an all-time high, apparently, the parking lot is equally huge. But however, even with such a vast parking lot, it’s still a fight and scramble to get parking passes every semester. I was lucky enough to have the necessary credits to get the “seniority” parking pass.

Credits: dearjme

Frequently, there are chalk drawings across the ground where students write seemingly odd nonsense, but sometimes there are advertisements for parties as well. Just a little tidbit.

Credits: dearjme

Overall, my heart belongs to UH Manoa – with its beauty, emphasis on keeping things green and natural, and its great faculty and learning program.

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