A Trip to My Favorite Lighthouse in Iceland

2012-05-23 2

There are 104 lighthouses in Iceland. I’ve visited half of them. This is a little story about our trip to my favorite one.

April 19th was the official first day of summer in Iceland. It was warm and sunny and everyone in the country had a day off. On that kind of day, I can’t stay in town. My heart and eyes demand the ocean, wind, and salty air. So we took some fruits and water and left Reykjavik. Our destination was Krýsuvíkurbergsviti – a tiny lighthouse on a cliff in Reykjanes peninsula not far away from Reykjavik.

On our way to Krýsuvíkurbergsviti, we stopped in Krýsuvík – a geothermal area, which is one of Iceland’s high temperature areas. Bubbling mud and hot springs were quite photogenic so we took a walk with our cameras.

Our next stop was Krýsuvíkurbjarg – beautiful cliffs, which are home to many birds. This place is very popular among bird watchers. We had to leave our car there, because the road wasn’t passable anymore. Our goal, the Krýsuvíkurbergsviti lighthouse, was still 40 minutes away from us.

It is really difficult to explain why Krýsuvíkurbergsviti is my favorite lighthouse. Every time I visit it, I feel free and happy. Sometimes it seems that this place was created for me only. I’ve never met anyone there. When I ask people about this place, no one knows about its existence. Sometimes I think I made it up.

If you ever visit my little hidden lighthouse, give it a hug from lighthouse keeperess.

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