Your Holga Loves Black and White Film


Holgas absolutely adore black and white film. The combination of a 120 Holga and some Black & White Lomography is a match made in heaven.

I used to always shoot and cross slide film with my Holga. The results were often mixed. Bright sunny days would produce vivid, colourful and bright shots; but on overcast days the plastic lens and small apature would often give disappointing results.

Credits: bsmart

With black and white film in the Holga low light only enhances the vignette of the photo.

Credits: bsmart

The lo-fi camera produces some pretty dramatic and moody images. Black and white can really upgrade the look of a photo.

Credits: bsmart

Even when you make mistakes in scanning or developing, the image the image comes out well.

Credits: bsmart

I love loading my Holga up with a roll of black and white 120. I think it’s fitting that such a basic camera should be loaded with no-frills film.

Credits: bsmart

I can’t recommend enough loading some black and white film in your Holga and giving it a spin.

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    My Holgas love B&W too! Nice article.

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