US CitySlicker Joseph: Magic with Kodak Ultramax 400

2012-05-17 3

For their first task, the US CitySlickers will show us around their towns and cities, documenting their experiences in analogue and telling us stories along the way. Let’s meet Joseph and learn more about New York City!

Name: Joseph Weiner
City: New York City, NY
Age: 24
Occupation: Physics Student/ Nice Guy
LomoHome: joeyweins

It’s rare to find a child who doesn’t show interest in photography. The entire process holds so much mysticism to an adolescent mind and it’s that magic that makes life wonderful. Every morning was a struggle to get out of bed, but once that first soft toe hits the ground there is a feeling of intrigue that overwhelms you to the point that all you can do is smile. But most adults have long since lost that intrigue. It becomes a beautiful challenge to remind all jaded hearts what it is like to be so willing to learn and explore. My own intrigue is what I try and convey in each photograph. I capture the energy of my subjects and of the moment. I wear my feelings on my lens.

My lenses are never perfect. The pictures not always in focus. The colors are sometimes off. My photographs aren’t perfect and neither is New York City. In each photo there is a feeling of this infernal machine of a city.

  • My underexposed rooftop sunrise is obstructed by a taller neighboring building. That was the same rooftop where I fell in love every night living with my roommates in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.
  • One grey day in Coney Island, I read on the lonely Spring beach. The moment was perfect to capture the old Russian man with his grandson as they walked towards the horizon: the perfect marriage of the sky with the land and the sea.
  • I shot over an old roll of undeveloped Kodak Max 400 from 1996. This photo is of my neighbor, John, biking in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. You can see the double exposure of my aunt’s face upside down as well as that of my eight-year-old brother.
  • This was the cafeteria of the now defunct Kings Park Psychiatric Center in Long Island, NY. I always try and get every shot I can out of a roll. It gives those awesome overexposed jagged edges on the end photos.
  • Shot using the classic Kodak 400 TX in front of the Housing Works thrift store in Chelsea. Here is Alejandro taking an afternoon nap on a recently donated couch when Jenny came over for a reprise as well. A store worker types away on his Mac computer as the traffic of the city passes us by.
  • Coney Island is ever changing and, despite anyone’s efforts, it is never the same whenever you return. I took to the shore with Chloe only to find a dilapidated gazebo on that windy morning. We both understand when a photo opportunity presents itself and she climbed in. Taken with Kodak 400 TX.
  • Sean is a quiet man with a plethora of interests. The first day I shot with my Minolta X-9, I loaded my Kodak Ultramax 400 and caught this picture of Sean as seen through a the store window of the Marc Jacobs collection store on Bleecker St in the West Village.
  • Every Spring there is a small carnival at Purchase University just half an hour outside of the city in White Plains. I had just met Joanna and, as we flew side-by-side on the carnival rides, I snapped this photo of her using Kodak Professional BW 400 CN.
  • Growing up in a small Brooklyn apartment doesn’t mean you can’t live with amazing animals. Shot on the same Kodak Max 400 from the previous shot, this is Sparky double exposed with the trees of Prospect Park glistening around him like fireworks in July.

All photos were shot using Kodak Ultramax 400 unless otherwise stated and on my Pentax K1000.

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  1. clogged
    clogged ·

    I loved it. You have a great voice, and a swell gallery.

  2. joeyweins
    joeyweins ·

    @clogged Thank you for the kind words! I will always consider myself a budding artist and your support is greatly appreciated :)

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