Horizon Hotshots: Some Common Mistakes if You Use This Camera for the First Time

2012-05-17 1

A quick Tipster to show you some common errors that happen frequently when you’re using a panoramic camera for the first time.

The Horizon is capable of amazing results, if you study the composition carefully before shooting.

In this article, you can find some simple notes about the use of panoramic cameras, like the Horizon cameras. The cylindrical perspective is different from the linear perspective of an ordinary camera, and the wide angle of 120 degrees requires some attention.

1. Make sure that the horizon is not tilted!

2. The left and the right side of the sky are not uniform, because the sun is near the left corner (the photo was taken two hours before sunset).

3. In cylindrical perspective, only the line at the center of the photo remains straight.

4. The other lines, above or below the axis of symmetry are represented as curves.

5. Be careful with symmetry, the composition is shifted to the left.

6. There is a parallax error between the lens and the viewfinder. In this case, you have the lower part of the photo filled with a white area of no interest.

7. Look at left and right edges to avoid disturbing elements as the man in this photo (on the left).

8. Look at the pavement, the manhole is a disturbing element.

9. If the exposure range is very extended, you may have underexposed or overexposed zones. In this case, you can wait for a better light condition or search a different point of view.

10) Also, the vertical lines were reproduced as curves. Avoid your shadow when you are shooting in vertical mode!

Have fun with your Horizon camera!

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