A Trap for Lomographers...I Mean, Hipsters


Are lomographers hipsters? Are hipsters lomographers? I don’t have the answer to these questions, but I’m sure you would also fall into this trap.

I found this image in street art utopia, and I’m sure you all know why it caught my eye.

It’s a system that artists Jeff Greenspan and Hunter Fine placed in New York: a trap for hipsters, and yes, a Holga 120N is one of the lures.

And this is just one of many traps, because they created a project, Urban Traps. With these they want to catch different kinds of urban subcultures so they prevent them from overrunning some neighborhoods, and also in order to study them.

The thing is that they would have caught me, what about you? The truth is I have no idea about hipsters (well, I think about Beat Generation when I hear about them). So I surfed a bit on the internet and I found this Wikipedia article and I don’t find it very serious, but it makes it a bit clearer. But if I were found in one of these traps, I wouldn’t say: ‘No, I’m not a hipster’, because I would automatically be marked as a hipster. You have to be careful, because otherwise they’ll label you. That’s also very hipster, isn’t it? Ok, I won’t insist.

It seems that analogue stuff and lomography is very hipster. Some months ago magazine S Fashion wondered: Does hipster photography exist? And raquellogs brought this question to our community in her article.

So, what about you? Are you hipsters? Or do you just use analogue cameras for your own interest? I think the answer is very clear… ;-)

written by xaviru on 2012-06-01 #hipster #lifestyle #street-art #holga #urban-subculture #urban-art #trap
translated by didocarrero


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