Cinema Paradiso: Behind the Scenes of Mexican Standoff


Shooting a LomoKino movie is a very fun experience, but there are several things you have to plan in advance before you can start shooting and yell “action!” Read more about the creative process behind “Mexican Standoff” after the jump!

Credits: lomographybarcelona

It all started in a small cafe in Gràcia (Barcelona) a Sunday afternoon with Sue we got together to plan what we wanted to do for the LomoKino workshop organized by the LGS Barcelona the week after.

We got into a brainstorming mood and ideas started to pop-up: what we both wanted to do with our own movies, and how we could help each other out. Amidst the frenzy of crazy ideas and laughter I made a quick storyboard on the notebook I always carry along with me and this was the first step of the process.

I strongly believe that what separates a good LomoKino movie from the rest is the idea. If you have a great idea in your head don’t be afraid to bring it to life! In my case I kept thinking about old westerns I used to watch with my dad, the ones that have these iconic scenes where rugged men fight for their lives on a single shot. I remember them as being incredibly dramatic and true nail bitters!

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So, I said to myself let’s give the idea a little twist and that’s when it struck me: instead of having cowboys let get some cowgirls and instead of killing each other let’s have them do… Don’t worry I’m not going to give out any spoilers, keep reading!

Credits: lomographybarcelona

Once I had developed the idea and I had a clear view of how I wanted to do every sequence shot in my “story board,” I had to plan the next step: getting some cowgirl outfits!

Credits: lomographybarcelona

After sitting down with Sue & Nuria and going through a few pointers and details, I was ready to shoot my LomoKino movie.

Credits: lomographybarcelona

We had to do it all in one take! At this point I had to ditch all my worries and let loose. That’s really the only way to enjoy making a LomoKino movie, since you only have a vague idea of how things with come out at the end…

Credits: lomographybarcelona

We shot each sequence independently but in chronological order, just to make it easier for me to edit later. I would stop at the end of each sequence and quickly go over what was next with each cowgirl just to make sure everything was clear and to make the movie flow as much as possible.

Credits: lomographybarcelona

Once I got the developed film from the lab, I fired up the movie editing software to add the titles and my favorite spaghetti western song as a soundtrack. After all the hard work and days of putting everything together this is the final result!

I hope you enjoy Mexican Standoff!


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